Snappyant is an independent app development company focusing on early childhood books and educational apps.We develop apps from existing books and original material. We create new and exciting reading experiences with vibrant music, gorgeous sounds, delightful animations and interactions. Our apps are designed to make the child excited about reading and storytelling and are designed to compete with any age-equivalent game on the iPad. The Snappyant production team is highly qualified, with long experience in children's book publishing and in film and commercial post-production.  We have a strong understanding of visual communication and development issues. Our apps are highly polished and well regarded in the industry.


Founders of Snappyant

Ana VivasIllustration by Tom Jellett

Ana is  a children’s book publisher with over ten years experience. She is the Publisher and Producer for Snappyant. Ana works in all aspects of app development from sourcing existing books to adapt, to developing and writing new material aimed specifically for the tablet. Ana is also the children's publisher for Scholastic Press an imprint of Scholastic Australia. Ana wrote her own picture book, Let's Eat under the pseudonym Ana Zamorano which won an honour award from the Children’s Book Council of Australia in 1997. Ana brings her astute knowledge of children’s picture books to Snappyant.

Niki BernIllustration by Tom Jellett

Niki is the Artistic Director for Snappant. She works closely with Snappyant’s USA based sound designer Katy Wood and top animators to create Snappyant’s apps. Niki is a senior visual effects artist with over 15 years industry experience. She has worked on many ground breaking visual effects films, including: The Matrix Reloaded; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Flags of Our Fathers; Speed Racer; 2012; Avatar; Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole; and TRON: Legacy. Niki led teams to create visual styles and final compositing for some of these  films. Niki’s visual effects experience brings a professional, polished and unique approach to creating new interactive children's books.